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27 Summer Camp Essentials You Must Add in Checklist – 2024

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Summer Camp Essentials: Beyond the Backpack! Unpack the must-have items to ensure your teen has a fun and unforgettable camping experience. Get the checklist!

Sending off your child to camping can be scary! Here are 27 things not to forget for your summer camp checklist and print the PDF to enjoy a stress-free packing session!

Summer Camp Necessities

Summer Camp Necessities

Let’s start with necessities. These are the things you must pack for whatever summer camp your child is going to.

1. Towels + Beach Towel
Obviously, take a beach towel if the summer camp is on the seaside or has a pool. In terms of towels, you might want to check that with the camp’s organizers. Ask if the towels are provided or should you pack your own.

2. Toiletries
Don’t underestimate the need for basic necessities in a summer camp. Imagine forgetting your deodorant on a hot summer day, or your shampoo when you just got back from a dance class. It may not always be easy to find a grocery store nearby or even find the products your child is used to! So, toiletries should be on top of your summer camp checklist.

3. Medicine / Prescriptions / Treatments + Sunscreen!
More importantly, think about all possible emergencies that could arise in a summer camp. In a tropical country, you may want your child to take something to protect him or her from mosquitos, allergy, stomach pain, headaches and blisters. There’s nothing worse than having to walk with blisters on your feet and still try to enjoy daily camp life! And don’t forget the sunscreen, it’s vital to protect your child from the dangerously hot sun.

4. Backpack / small purse / waterproof bag
When your child goes about his or her daily life in a summer camp, he or she will need to carry their stuff. Pack a proper backpack for the longer day trips with the peers and a waterproof bag if any water activities are scheduled (it’s also extremely useful in tropical climate countries where the rain gets everything soaking wet. For the girls, a purse is a must!

5. Sunglasses
Do you know that moment when you are looking for your sunglasses and they are on your head? Well, put sunglasses on your summer camp checklist; otherwise, you will probably forget them!

6. Umbrella
It seems like unnecessary weight, but it can be a necessity if the weather becomes terrible. The kids cannot always stay indoors and they also need to get to classes, shops, and events. Hence, when in a summer camp, better be prepared than sorry!

7. Swimming gear (if needed)
As mentioned before, if your child goes to a summer camp in a hot climate country, most likely they will get to swim! Or enjoy their time in an indoor swimming pool – check that with the organizers.

8. Water bottle
Let’s save the planet and make sure your child doesn’t have to spend a lot of money every day. Having a water bottle means the teachers in the summer camp can ensure your child is hydrated at all times.

9. Stationery if you like journaling or creating!
If your kid is artsy, make sure they have an outlet for their creative moments. It could be a simple notepad or a big journal to write about their amazing experiences in the summer camp and/or draw something incredible.

Techie Stuff for Summer Camp

Summer Camp Tech

Let’s admit, we cannot live without our technological devices. Each of us has our own favorite, but we still need to prepare for all kinds of situations. So, don’t miss this out on your summer camp checklist.

10. Chargers / Adaptors / Batteries and Extra Devices
One of the key things in having a great summer camp experience is to have all the chargers with you. An adaptor is a must if you go to a different country. Think about what your child will need in his/her summer camp checklist – is it a laptop, a tablet or a phone and pack all the extras.

11. Headphones / Earphones
It’s incredible how many times we forget the one thing that everyone needs – earphones or headphones. Hopefully, the plan is to have your child talk to you once in a while during the summer camp, and they simply cannot do that without proper gear.

Shoes for Summer Camp

Summer Camp Shoes

It’s great to be prepared. Ask the organizers of the summer camp as to what sort of activities your child will be participating in.

12. Sport Shoes
Will they have a sports day or daily exercise regime in the gym? It sounds simple, but you don’t want your child to be uncomfortable or, worse, trying to buy a new pair of shoes in a foreign country.

13. Every-Day Shoes
Daily walking shoes are a must on any trip, as this could be the pair they are traveling in.

14. Flip flops
Think about all the situations when your child might need flip-flops. It could be to get to the shower or to go to a shop nearby. Either way, it’s a must-have item to keep on your summer camp checklist.

15. Water Shoes
Finally, now that you know if your child has any water activities planned in the summer camp, you can make an informed decision about whether to take water shoes or not.

Clothing for Summer Camp

Summer Camp Cloths

I bet you were dreading this section! Don’t worry; we are suggesting to pack light. Obviously, there are more clothes for girls than boys, but overall, let’s keep it simple!

16. Coat or jacket + Raincoat
If you know what weather to expect, take a coat or a jacket. If it may rain, take a raincoat. It really depends on where the summer camp is located, but most likely, you’ll need some sort of cover for potentially terrible weather days!

17. Sweater/Hoodie
Even the hot climate countries get chilly moments. What’s even crazier is that kids can easily catch a cold while staying indoors in an air conditioned room in their summer camp . To prevent that, we recommend packing a hoodie or a sweater. While most of these are heavy, you can buy something light yet warm (try sports stores and their thermo section if you need something really warm).

18. T-shirts / Shirts / Blouses
It’s up to you and your child how many of these you will need. Consider the climate – how often will they have to change their clothes because of different activities or sweating? How many days will they be spending in the summer camp? Which of the above will be most comfortable in their daily life?

19. Jeans/Pants
Quite similar to the above, the most important thing is the quantity to carry to the summer camp. One pair of jeans might be good for travel. One long pair of pants might be great if the children go camping.

20. Shorts
If it’s hot, shorts are necessary! Comfortable, light and made from a good material – these are the factors to focus on.

21. Sportswear
Again, this is something you have to discuss with the organizers of the summer camp. How much of sports time will your children have? What type of sports activities and so on?

22. Pajamas!
So easy to forget, yet so essential for our comfort! Your child will most likely make close friends in the summer camp and spend some evenings watching movies together and/or chatting about their day… in their beds! Nobody wants to wear their jeans to bed, right? So, add one.

23. Any special clothing items, including special events’ dress code
Don’t forget to talk to the organizers about the events that are being held during the summer camp. They might have a special dress code, and your child will feel uncomfortable if they don’t bring suitable clothes.

The Fun-To-Have Essentials for Summer Camp

Summer Camp 4

The majority of summer camp organizers keep everything prepared for the kids to have fun, however, it doesn’t hurt to pack extras in case your children get bored!

24. Card games
We always take games like UNO or Card Monopoly with us on holiday. They don’t take up much space and are a lot of fun, especially in a summer camp!

25. Favourite Toy / Prompt / Something special from home
Especially for the smaller kids, it’s important to consider what they will miss the most during the summer camp. Is it a toy they always go to sleep with, or a notebook they like to write in, or something else that’s unique and not easily replaced? Your child is going away for quite a while and you don’t want them to be homesick right away.

26. Special snacks from home
It’s always great to bring something from home and share it with their new friends and teachers in the summer camp. Your child may feel special introducing something from their culture.

27. Books
If your child is an avid reader, then books are important. These days, Kindle books may be more appropriate, but there is still nothing better than a rainy afternoon with a good book – even in the summer camp when your child wants to have some alone time.

That’s all from us for now! We hope this comprehensive summer camp checklist is helpful while preparing your child for their upcoming adventure. Check out our previous camps to see the special events we held and the interesting activities that the children participated in!

Print the checklist from here to enjoy a stress-free packing session!

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