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E-Camp Dubai Spring

Innovation International language Camp E-CAMPS DUBAI.

 This camp will totally change your child’s perception of our future by showing them best innovations in Dubai where the participants will see the newest technologies from all over the world. The camp combines educational and excursion programs with gamification and motivational training. Effective English Language learning program developed by the professionals from UK helps to significantly improve level of English for all camp participants.

Winter Camp Objectives: Fostering Skills, Leadership, and Independence for Future Success

Improve English language skills
learn foreign languages with pleasure and develop new skill sets
Develop logic and creative thinking
in participants as a team and individually
Invest their free time usefully
and not spend it on gadgets and computer games
Improve leadership skills
in each participant with daily rounds of team-building activities
Develop willpower and punctuality
of participants as a team and individually
Become more independent
Each child has a chance to develop new skills Be mindful of their future

Our camps are all about transformation. Sending your child to the camp, expect them to be back in a new shape with elements included below


by visiting EXPO and technologies and working on projects they created in a group with other campers


by both our leaders and peers who share same interests


and ready to grow and make changes for the better future of the planet and people around


Dubai of today holds the leading positions in innovative technology.
The construction of skyscrapers and modern high-rise skyscrapers on the desert sands, the construction of giant man-made islands in the coastal zone requires modern and unique approaches.

Thanks to targeted investments in key emerging industries and the introduction of new technologies, Dubai has become one of the world’s five leaders in logistics, trade, tourism and financial industries. . The UAE is famous for its records. the world’s first 3D-printed office building project was implemented here; the world’s largest solar power plant was launched in 2019 here.

The focus of E-Camps is safety in everything

Our counselors are with your child 24/7 and find an approach to each child individually.

Accommodation with high level comfort

The residence is located in the heart of the academic city in Dubai. Campers will be accommodated in the DBL/TWIN rooms of the bright student apartments.
The building and rooms of the residence have everything the campers need a for comfortable living and learning.

The residence is guarded 24/7, all public areas are equipped with CCTV cameras

Excursions and Entertainment

E-CAMPS DUBAI includes excursion program for teenagers of different interests

Prices Include

Additional Expenses

Visa International Air Ticket Insurance Personal Expenses Additional Excursions
Cost varies by nationality
Varies based on dates/location
Required for travel
Meals, souvenirs, etc.
Day trips, guided tours, etc.
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Camp That Masters This Skill: All Camps

Effective presentation and social skills are imparted through a series of team-building exercises conducted in the evenings. While engaged in playing games or brainstorming over start-up ideas, participants lose their inhibitions and learn to interact productively with their peers.

Camp That Masters This Skill: Smart Camp

Your child’s reading speed will increase by 1.5 to 3 times! Our trainers use proven speed reading techniques to push your child to read faster and develop their ability to perceive words faster than they speak. On average, a child’s reading speed increases by 2 to 2.5 times. Your child will get hooked on reading and amass vast knowledge.

Camp That Masters This Skill: Smart Camp

Your child will learn to type without looking at the keyboard in just 3 weeks. Participants will attend a series of one-hour lessons every day and memorize the placement of letters on the keyboard with the aid of interactive activities. They will leave the camp with their notebook keyboard covered with empty stickers and retain this skill till the end of their lives.

Camp That Masters This Skill: Embassy English / Smart Camp

Participants are divided into teams led by highly motivated team leaders. They are taught to identify a problem and come up with an appropriate business solution. They ideate a commercially viable start-up, complete with a business model, that has the potential to be launched in the market. A competition judged by serial entrepreneurs and business stalwarts to evaluate each of the start-ups.

Camp That Masters This Skill: All Camps

Your child participates in multiple outdoor physical activities like football, swimming, etc. They get to select the ones that they like and also try out new ones. These games are not very stressful and keep the kids engaged for 30 to 60 minutes every day and make them physically fitter.

Camp That Masters This Skill: Embassy English / Travel & English / Family Camp

English is taught at two levels – one teaches the basics of written and spoken English while another hones your child’s higher-level English speaking ability. Participants are tested and assigned to the relevant group. All lessons are conducted in a fun atmosphere that involves round table discussion, learning scientific facts, and other trivia. Emphasis is laid on conversational English.

Camp That Masters This Skill: Smart Camp

The basics of mental arithmetics are taught in Smart Camp with the aid of an abacus. Your child will be able to easily perform arithmetic calculations like multiplying two numbers in a jiffy. We encourage kids to continue learning after the camp ends and some of our participants have gone on to win international championships.

Camp That Masters This Skill: AI Camp

Industry experts will introduce your child to 10 essential AI platforms, each of which deals with a different subject like projects, photos, videos, animating still pictures etc. En-route participants will also learn the correct way of writing prompts from AI specialists. Your child will get empowered to apply the skills learned in our camp to improve their performance in academics and extracurricular activities.