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Main Goals of our Embassy English Holiday Camp

At Embassy English Holiday camp in Malaysia your child will be immersed in an interactive reality show full of lots of challenges and team-building activities aimed to improve their English. The interactive course breaks down the psychological barrier to speaking freely through an exciting programme that also develops intellect and leadership skills. Your children will enjoy exciting sightseeing trips at the weekends, too.

Improve English language skills

fully immersing in the English-speaking environment

Develop logic and creative thinking

in participants as a team and individually

Improve leadership skills

in each participant with daily rounds of team-building activities

Develop willpower and punctuality

of participants as a team and individually

Become more independent

Each child has a chance to develop new skills

Explore Malaysia's beauty

and its nature, thriving metropolitan cities and Penang island

To spend an unforgettable summer holiday...



English classes/educational classes


Excursions /sport activities/ free time


Teambuildings/ quests

Exciting Camp Prizes

The main goal is 3 super prizes

will go to those Teams which, at the end of the month, will have in their hands the largest number of points earned during participation in competitions.

Camp Pricing


2988 美元


2788 美元


10 reasons to go to Embassy English camp


Building motivation is fun! We use systematic self-monitoring techniques to guide campers to better habits that also builds motivation. There is a daily reward system giving out to the winner team by point basis for team buildings and games. Participant needs to accumulate the points in order to win the grand prize. They are rewarding in the form of "gold" (150 points), "silver" (100 points) and "bronze" (50 points). However, they are able to spend the points during the camp, till the end of the day, Grand Prize only goes to the highest points of the first three teams. This point system able to test their capability on analyzing and also encourage them to learn more.

Safe country

Malaysia is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. There are no natural disasters like earthquakes, floods or volcano eruptions. Malaysia is a Muslim country, but this does not mean that other religions or cultures are afflicted. Chinese, Indian, and Korean people make it a country of cultural diversity turning Malaysia into a truly multicultural destination.

Business trainings

Teaching children about business at a young age is important for the future of business as a whole. When kids are taught the specific lessons of money management and organizational skills, they can apply their skills towards building a business for themselves, but they can also apply the skills they have learned to their personal lives. Business trainers will teach them in an interactive process the most important and fundamental business skills and ideas.

Develop leader skills

Summer camp Embassy English combines unforgettable holidays, interactive learning of English and development of skills that every successful person should have. In our camp, children learn to set the right goals and clear understanding of what they want from life.

Learn social skills

Nowadays, virtual communication has almost replaced live contact. Thus, many children become experts in social media communication while losing face-to-face communication skills. At the camp teenagers join a friendly community, where each person has to listen to others and respect them. Staying together children learn to work in a team, resolve misunderstandings and feel the importance and value of live communication. Children from different countries come to the camp, so they learn to overcome cross-cultural barriers and bridge the differences in the world vision.

Improve English level

Our highly effective English learning program is devised by professional teachers from Australia, America, Britain and Canada, and they help the children to advance and develop their English during their stay at the summer camp. The learning process at the camp is one of interactive and creative activity in an international environment of friendly peers. Students will cover one level of English within one month at the camp, which normally takes them one academic year at school.

British School

The International British School, in Malaysia. The parent school is Christ College Brecon and it has almost a 5-century history. It is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the UK. The branch of the school in Malaysia was opened in 2018 in the safe and modern hi-tech town of Cyberjaya.


Fact that teenagers spend a lot of time indoor and mostly sit in front of electronic devices. Summer camp gives a wonderful opportunity to spend one month in active mode. In our programs, participants will join sports activities such as swimming, football, tennis, gym, dancing, and active games.


The camp is a perfect place for children to learn to be self-driven and independent without the supervision of parents or teachers. Mastering self-management skills in the safe environment of the camp enables the children to discover new spheres of interest.

Make true friends

Camp is the place where kids make their very best friends. Free from the social expectations pressuring them at school, camp encourages kids to relax and make friends easily. All the fun at camp draws everyone together.

Accommodation in a summer language camp

International British School will be the activities’ venue for the whole month. The school is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the UK and Malaysia. In terms of facilities, they provide excellent classroom spaces designed specifically for our curriculum requirements, and a great communal space for students to share their learning, sports, and general personal development. 






每周 25 小时英语课程







Educational Program


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掌握这项技能的训练营 所有营地


掌握这项技能的训练营 智能营地

您孩子的阅读速度将提高 1.5 到 3 倍!我们的培训师采用经过验证的速读技巧,促使您的孩子加快阅读速度,并培养他们以比说话更快的速度感知文字的能力。孩子的阅读速度平均可提高 2 到 2.5 倍。您的孩子将迷上阅读,并积累大量知识。

掌握这项技能的训练营 智能营地

您的孩子将在短短 3 周内学会不看键盘打字。学员每天将参加一小时的课程,并通过互动活动记住字母在键盘上的位置。离开夏令营时,他们的笔记本键盘上会贴满空贴纸,这项技能将终生保留。

掌握这项技能的训练营 Embassy English / Smart Camp


掌握这项技能的训练营 所有营地

您的孩子可以参加多种户外体育活动,如足球、游泳等。他们可以选择自己喜欢的活动,也可以尝试新的活动。这些游戏压力不大,孩子们每天都能参与 30 到 60 分钟,身体也会更健康。

掌握这项技能的训练营 Embassy English / Travel & English / 家庭夏令营


掌握这项技能的训练营 智能营地


掌握这项技能的训练营 人工智能训练营

行业专家将向您的孩子介绍 10 个基本的人工智能平台,每个平台涉及不同的主题,如项目、照片、视频、静态图片动画等。途中,学员还将向人工智能专家学习正确的提示语写作方法。您的孩子将有能力运用在训练营中学到的技能,提高他们在学业和课外活动中的表现。