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Summer Camps in Bali

International Summer Camps in Bali offered by Embassy Camps perfectly combines a memorable vacation with learning of extremely vital Futuristic Smart Skills.

Upcoming Summer Camps In Bali

Pack your bags to have a fantastic time at our upcoming summer camps in Bali! On a serene island blessed with natural beauty and rich ancient culture, children of all ages will get to indulge in a mix of outdoor adventures, educational activities and cultural discoveries. Join us for a summer of excitement, recreation, learning and exploration on the exotic island of Bali!

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Starting 30 June 2024
E-Explorer Camp

Participants will master English speaking, develop logic & speed thinking, become punctual and learn leadership skills

09-17 Years
30 June to 15 July 2024

Why choose Summer camps in Bali?

Summer Camps in Bali offer participants the chance to connect with their inner self amidst the calmness of lush greenery and the vibrancy of an ancient culture. Participants will be able to make new friends from diverse nationalities, enjoy an array of new cuisines, explore famous temples and monuments and have fun on beautiful beaches. Not to forget, Bali is renowned for many Instagram worthy spots!

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world

Panoramic natural beauty with rich culture & tradition

World famous monuments & attractions

Why Choose Embassy Summer Camps in Dubai?

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Why Choose Embassy Summer Camps in Bali?

Our success in numbers for Malaysia, Singapore & Dubai. Launching camps in Bali from this year.
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Summer Camps in Bali arranged by Embassy Camps are modelled to transform your child into a better version of themselves. Team building activities and games conducted every evening help your child to freely express themselves and bring their hidden talents to the surface. Multiple indoor and outdoor activities help children gain confidence and naturally develop their public speaking, interpersonal and management skills. All Embassy Camps programs are meticulously designed to set your child on the path to life long success.

Embassy Camp Offers

Native speaking teachers

Improve English With Native English Speaking Teachers

Activities To Forge Friendships & Mould Personalities.

3 Personal Meals Provided

Balanced meals
for All our campers

Get up, close & personal
with Nature


Become a team player to become a winner for life!

Interactive time

Interact, learn and grow in
a peer group

Skills learned and improved in our summer camps in Bali

Our Summer Camps in Bali are designed to boost your child’s mental, physical, social, and leadership skills and prepare them for a successful future.

Excursions during Camps in Bali

Bali has the perfect setting of a calm and scenic locale for inspiring young minds to become high achievers in life. At Embassy Camps we fill our Summer Camps and boarding camps with guided excursions to explore Bali’s acclaimed landmarks, well-known monuments and sites of interest. Mornings are dedicated for learning futuristic smart skills and post lunch we embark on exhilarating excursions.

Activities at the camps in Bali

Embassy Camps lays emphasis on hands-on le­arning of skills in all our summer camps in Bali. Evenings are devoted for activities that help campers develop confidence and interpersonal skills, sharpen their decision-making abilities, improve public speaking skills and learn to work productively in a team.You can read about the immense benefits that participants of our previous camps got in reviews and comments section.

Teenagers from all the continents have become go-getters empowered by Embassy Camps Summer Camps

Our camps boast of a geographical footprint of upwards of 30 countries and the count keeps growing every year. We compete with ourselves to perfect the methods of bestowing universally applicable essential life skills on our campers. Our international camps see camp leaders flying from multiple countries along with their groups. Reach out to our sales team now to learn about upcoming departures.

In Embassy Camps There Is Safety In Everything!

Your children are in safe hands in our boarding summer camps! Professional and kind group leaders take care of your children 24/7 finding an individual approach to each child. Group of every 16 students has one camp leader and one assistant attached to them.
Camp leaders accompany participants from dozens of airports.
Separate guarded dormitories/ hotel floors for males and for females participants
Guarded compound summer camp territories based in schools or hotels
Participants are under care of camp leaders and guides during excursions and visits

Custom Summer Camps for your group

Haven’t found desired dates? Good news: it’s summer all year round in Bali. Get in touch for a tailor made Summer Camp for your group and our professional educators will be happy to help you to create a camp for any dates needed.

Accompany your child to Summer Camp in Bali and have a great family holiday before or after the camp.

Bali is renowned for its modern attractions and vibrant culture. Embassy Camps is affiliated with a prominent travel group operating in Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore. We present enticing packages for parents seeking to explore these destinations while their child attends camp. Consider planning your family holiday two weeks prior to or after the camp to avoid disruptions to the camp program. Additionally, we offer annual family camps tailored for parents and children to enjoy together. Explore SIngapore’s wonders with Embassy Camps!

Our Summer Camps In Other Countries

Our international summer camps in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai present a unique opportunity for youth to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, acquire new languages, and hone essential life skills in a secure and nurturing setting. These programs are thoughtfully curated to combine educational enrichment with fun recreational activities, guaranteeing a well-rounded and unforgettable overseas experience.

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Camp That Masters This Skill: AI Camp

Industry experts will introduce your child to 10 essential AI platforms, each of which deals with a different subject like projects, photos, videos, animating still pictures etc. En-route participants will also learn the correct way of writing prompts from AI specialists. Your child will get empowered to apply the skills learned in our camp to improve their performance in academics and extracurricular activities.

Camp That Masters This Skill: Embassy English / Smart Camp

Participants are divided into teams led by highly motivated team leaders. They are taught to identify a problem and come up with an appropriate business solution. They ideate a commercially viable start-up, complete with a business model, that has the potential to be launched in the market. A competition judged by serial entrepreneurs and business stalwarts to evaluate each of the start-ups.

Camp That Masters This Skill: Smart Camp

Your child will learn to type without looking at the keyboard in just 3 weeks. Participants will attend a series of one-hour lessons every day and memorize the placement of letters on the keyboard with the aid of interactive activities. They will leave the camp with their notebook keyboard covered with empty stickers and retain this skill till the end of their lives.

Camp That Masters This Skill: Smart Camp

Your child’s reading speed will increase by 1.5 to 3 times! Our trainers use proven speed reading techniques to push your child to read faster and develop their ability to perceive words faster than they speak. On average, a child’s reading speed increases by 2 to 2.5 times. Your child will get hooked on reading and amass vast knowledge.

Camp That Masters This Skill: Smart Camp

The basics of mental arithmetics are taught in Smart Camp with the aid of an abacus. Your child will be able to easily perform arithmetic calculations like multiplying two numbers in a jiffy. We encourage kids to continue learning after the camp ends and some of our participants have gone on to win international championships.

Camp That Masters This Skill: Embassy English / Travel & English / Family Camp

English is taught at two levels – one teaches the basics of written and spoken English while another hones your child’s higher-level English speaking ability. Participants are tested and assigned to the relevant group. All lessons are conducted in a fun atmosphere that involves round table discussion, learning scientific facts, and other trivia. Emphasis is laid on conversational English.

Camp That Masters This Skill: All Camps

Your child participates in multiple outdoor physical activities like football, swimming, etc. They get to select the ones that they like and also try out new ones. These games are not very stressful and keep the kids engaged for 30 to 60 minutes every day and make them physically fitter.

Camp That Masters This Skill: All Camps

Effective presentation and social skills are imparted through a series of team-building exercises conducted in the evenings. While engaged in playing games or brainstorming over start-up ideas, participants lose their inhibitions and learn to interact productively with their peers.