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11 أفضل منصات البرمجة للأطفال (2024)

أفضل منصات البرمجة للأطفال

Coding for kids is exploding in popularity! But with so many platforms out there, how do you choose the right one? This article explores the best coding platforms according to your child’s age and interests. 

We have gathered some of the best coding platforms for kids and divided them into three sections so that even the 4-year-olds who are not able to read can learn to code as long as they can hold a device!

Generally, there are two kinds of coding platforms for kids; visual-block based and text-based coding for kids.  The former is mostly used for younger children and then when they are prepared for something more serious, they can shift to text-based programs that use real programming languages but still in a fun way.

أفضل منصات البرمجة للأطفال

Children 7 and below

#1 Coding for Kids Platform: Scratch Junior

Coding for Kids Platform Scratch Junior_coding for kids

Based on the popular Scratch visual programming platform, Scratch Junior is a great tool for the youngest learners to learn coding and computational thinking by creating their own interactive stories and games. Children can click different coding blocks to make the characters act as they want: move, dance, sing, and jump. They can even modify their appearance and create a background story for each, which makes this coding for kids platform a means of digital storytelling, a transcendent way to improve youngsters’ creativity as well as other soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and even teamwork.

This coding platform for kids is great for: Creation- Individual Practice- Small Groups- Extracurricular Activity
Price Range: Free

#2 Coding for Kids Platform: Embassy.Education

embassy.education_coding for kids

Embassy.education is a platform that unites many courses, from coding for kids to other skills that are useful for children from the age of 5. It is arranged in easy-to-follow video instructions, which kids repeat to create games, animated postcards, and stories. The advantage compared to the other coding platforms for kids is that each course here can be either done independently or assisted by the live teacher via calls and video conferencing if necessary, depending on the package purchased. The teacher can assign homework to learners to assess their performance. The first few lessons are typically free to give the child the ability to try.

This coding platform for kids is great for: Creation- Individual Practice without Adult Help- Game-based Learning- Extracurricular Activity
Price Range: From 48$

#3 Coding for Kids Platform: Tynker Junior

#3 Coding for Kids Platform Tynker Junior_coding for kids

Tynker Junior is a lead-in to the successful award-winning Tynker programming language which teaches coding in a more serious text-based way. However, Tynker Junior, designed for preschoolers, uses graphical blocks to enable children to explore the fundamentals of coding in a more fun way. The most impressive feature about Tynker Junior is the voiceovers which makes it easy-to-use for pre-readers. Currently, Tynker Junior includes 200+ coding challenges in 5 puzzle-based adventures and 2 project creation studios.

This coding platform for kids is great for: Game-based Learning- Imagination-
Price Range: From 60$

#4 Coding for Kids Platform: CodeMonkey Junior

Coding for Kids Platform CodeMonkey Junior

CodeMonkey Junior is another online game-based coding for kids platform that instructs pre-readers through narration. The step-by-step tutorial enables preschoolers to try CodeMonkey out without relying on adult help. On the other hand, this fantastic feature makes CodeMonkey Junior, one of the best options for dyslexic students and English Language learners as well.

This coding platform for kids is great for: Game-based Learning- Kindergarten Classes (Lesson Plans Included)- Competitions
Price Range: From 40$ quarterly

#5 Coding for Kids Platform: Codespark Academy

Coding for Kids Platform Codespark Academy

This award-winning coding for kids platform app enables preschoolers to learn some key programming and logical problem-solving concepts through a variety of interactive activities like puzzles and games. Based on a research-backed curriculum from MIT and Princeton, the advantage of Codespark Academy is that it is self-directed, with no experience required. For teachers, it is best used to let students recycle the coding concepts they have already learned in another context since it doesn’t really promote deep conceptual understanding. Students can also use it for digital storytelling; however, this option is not intuitive enough which makes it a little hard to navigate.

This coding platform for kids is great for: Game-based Learning- At-home Coding for Kids- Individual Practice
Price Range: From 30$

#6 Coding for Kids Platform: Kodable

Coding for Kids Platform Kodable

Kodable is a great way for learners as young as 4 to learn coding concepts like sequence, loop parts, and conditionals. The purchased version offers string and number literals which are relatively hard for a 4-year-old, but proper for 6 and 7-year-olds. This coding for kids platform also provides tons of materials for parents to support their kids as they use the app. The game follows the adventures of the Fuzz family through space, navigating mazes, dodging asteroids, and collecting coins. Through the game, kids learn coding as they unlock the next level.

This coding platform for kids is great for: Game-based Learning- At-home Coding for Kids– Individual Practice
Price Range: From 21$ quarterly

#7 Coding for Kids Platform: Children Aged 7-10

Coding for Kids Platform

Up to here, we have gone through several drag-and-drop based coding platforms for kids. All of these programs also offer further series of courses preferable for older children. To cut the long story short, in the second part, we only look into the rest of the coding for kids platforms that make learning to code trouble-free.

What is the difference? What should you expect?

The difference between the programs for preschoolers and this age group is that children are now able to read and have gained basic knowledge about the nature of coding (if they have practiced with the junior versions, of course!). At this age, they are able to perform more complicated commands. They still get involved in situations to learn math and practice coding in a game-based way while they gradually move to more serious text-based coding to some extent.

What do the previously mentioned coding for kids platforms offer for this age range?

CodeMonkey: Two text-based coding courses.
سفارة التعليم: Block-based coding courses with online tutors.
Tynker: A combination of block-based & text-based coding courses, and introduction to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python for advanced learners.
Kodable: JavaScript & Swift.
Scratch: Block-based Coding Adventures.

What other options do you have?

#8 Coding for Kids Platform: Minecraft

Minecraft, recommended for children from the age of 7 upwards, fosters creativity with its ability to build and construct almost anything. It is also a great platform to explore coding for kids. Currently, there are five different kinds of modes, including “creative” which can be used either online or offline. For children of this age group, it’s better to keep working offline in the “creative mode” in order to make sure that they are not exposed to profane language. However, it is possible to use it online for group work if you make sure that the other children involved are not random strangers.
In 2013, Minecraft introduced Minecraft Hour of Code, which focuses on basic programming skills such as commands, repeat loops, and if statements. The instructions for each level are given below the play space. Players can choose between two characters, Alex and Steve, and use the provided blocks on the toolbox at the right side of the game space to direct the character’s actions. As the player progresses, the missions become harder. It is also a great platform for teaching soft skills, including problem-solving.

This coding platform for kids is great for: Game-based Learning- At-home Coding for Kids- Individual Practice- Soft Skills Learning
Price Range: 49$

#9 Coding for Kids Platform: CodaKid

Codakid is an award-winning kids coding platform that helps children build their own games, websites, or app using real programming languages like python, JS, Lua, and HTML, the same languages that companies like Google and Intel use. This is one of the factors that make this coding for kids platform really distinct. Another point is their friendly mentors’ help all the way of moving past visual blocks to some more serious programming lessons. Their courses cover booleans, conditionals, loops, variables, methods, arrays, switch statements, functions, and more through a variety of courses based on Minecraft, Roblox, and Scratch.

This coding platform for kids is great for: Game Programming- Real Language Learning- – Mathematics Proficiency
Price Range: From 63$

Children from the Age of 10 Upwards

Children from the Age of 10 Upwards

The previous platforms offer different coding courses for this age group as well. Here, we introduce two more platforms that are not necessarily for kids but provide useful material for advanced learners of this age range. Children are now ready to understand how full-syntax languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java work. However, they may not be fully prepared to use, for example, Python itself. This is a stage in which children get ready to outgrow more complicated coding for kids programs.

#10 Coding for Kids Platform: Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a non-profit organization based in California that produces short educational videos, including coding for kids free of charge. The Hour of Code at Khan Academy offers courses in JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and SQL. They have dedicated an hour of introduction to each of these topics. Drawing with code, making web pages, and the fundamentals of databases (recommended ages 12+) are the subjects that children learn. Each option includes “talk throughs”– videos you can pause and play with the code in real-time–, coding challenges, and a final project.

This coding platform for kids is great for: Older Children- Real Language Learning- Individual Practice- Hearing-impaired Students
Price Range: Free

#11 Coding for Kids Platform: Codecademy


Codecademy is a great way to start learning coding for kids, or for just about anyone interested in coding. It is especially an effective platform for  kids who are ready to move on from block-based programming to text-based coding. Currently this platform provides 6 programming languages. There is also a forum for the users, to ask and answer questions if there are any problems regarding coding syntax.

This coding platform for kids is great for: Older Children- Real Language Learning- Individual Practice- Moderators for Q&A
Price Range: From 60$ quarterly

“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.”, says Bill Gates. If coding for kids is delivered in a fun way, you give your child the opportunity to adopt a new skill that nurtures their confidence as well as a variety of other soft skills. If you have any pieces of advice for other parents who are looking for ways to teach their kids how to code, please leave a comment in the comment section below!

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يتم تدريس أساسيات الحساب الذهني في المخيم الذكي بمساعدة المعداد. سيتمكن طفلك من إجراء العمليات الحسابية بسهولة مثل ضرب عددين في لمح البصر. نحن نشجع الأطفال على مواصلة التعلم بعد انتهاء المخيم، وقد فاز بعض المشاركين في المخيم بالبطولات الدولية.

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